[Nagiosplug-devel] Python plugin without output

Tarjei Huse tarjei at scanmine.com
Mon Oct 20 16:32:09 CEST 2008

Hi, I've written a simple python plugin to check an rss feed and report
war/crit if the oldest issue on the feed is older than a set time.

My problem is that when I use this plugin from nagios it ends up saying
that the reported output was "(null)". Now, I've tested the plugin on
the commandline, as a nagios user without problems. I've also used the
plugin with a shell wrapper and that works. Why doesn't the plain plugin

Any tips will be highly regarded.

I've included the source although I'm not sure it will help anyone. It
is loosely based on a plugin I found on the net (I have unfortunately
lost the link :/ )

The plugin creates the following output:
OK - RSS - Newest 44 min 20-10-08 16:00 - Nr items 49|items=49;;0;100
articleage=44s;;;600 time=2s;;;10 size=18107B;;;10

Kind regards,

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