[Nagiosplug-devel] How to start developing nagios plug ins in c

Oliver zzty7 at gmx.de
Mon Apr 20 18:11:36 CEST 2009

Andreas Ericsson <ae at ...> writes:

> I think your problem lies more along the lines of lacking linux/unix 
> than anything else, then.
> Compiling a single file from a larger project is something that with 
> frequency fails, because it will usually depend on other files (btw, your
> error reporting skills are somewhat lackluster; If you'd given us the error
> output, we could almost certainly have helped you).
> I'd recommend starting your own project instead, where you know all the
> intrinsic dependencies.
> Spending an hour or three with gcc's and ld's documentation will prove useful
> too, I guess (gcc is the compiler, ld is the linker; Most developers use the
> compiler to call the linker as well, so when you know 'gcc' inside out you'll
> be able to start building just about anything you want).
> For larger projects, investing some time with the documentation of 'make'
> will be well spent time.
> Good luck.

Hello Andreas,

thank you for your Answer.

I think you are right! i will spend some hours in reading Unix stuff and will
start a small plugin project.

Maybe then i will understand building a plugin from scratch.



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