[Nagiosplug-devel] Forking the contrib section?

Simon Bennett sbennett at groundworkopensource.com
Fri Jul 17 18:42:18 CEST 2009


I think your proposal is a good one. As a person who had patches caught in
the contrib / no author trap I think it would help. I'm happy to volunteer
time to help dig up old patches and get them submitted.

It would be helpful if there was some mechanism to build a
nagios-plugins-experimental package from the mob branch, of course without
any guarantees about the behaviour of the result. Is that similar to what
you were proposing with the "/contrib git submodule" comment?


On 7/16/09 8:11 PM, "Thomas Guyot-Sionnest" <dermoth at aei.ca> wrote:

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> I was looking at some repository clone that included patches to /contrib
> and that got me an idea. The policy right now is to encourage authors to
> move away contrib plugins to Nagiosexchange. However many need the
> Nagios-plugins tree to compile, and most lost their original authors.
> Meanwhile some useful plugins in there get patches from time to time
> that we don't really want to apply because we don't really want to
> support that unsupported section.
> I'd like to fork /contrib to a separate git repository and add a "mob"
> user (unrestricted check-in access to the "mob" branch) for people to
> commit things­, then we can do a short review from time to time and
> merge changes from the mob branch.
> Think of this as a service to help the community maintaining these
> plugins without any guarantee regarding the quality and safety of these
> plugins from the Nagios-Plugins team. I believe that it would relieve us
> of that plugins section and help the community getting patches in.
> /contrib could then become a git submodule that can be included for
> compiling the plugins.
> Any comments  or objections?
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