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Category: General plugin execution
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Submitted By: Ptitsnake (ptitsnake)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Problem check_dhcp on infoblox

Initial Comment:

I try to check my DHCP server with Nagios 3.0.3 thanks to the "check_dhcp" plugins coming from the 1.4.13plugin pack on RedHat Entreprise R5 Server (2.6.18),  (i386 or i686 because I have i686 i686 i386 when i launch uname -a). I use gcc 4.1.2-44.

My approach is, my Nagios server is located in a network 192.168.A.B and my DHCP server 192.168.X.Y. And I try to check the correct work of DHCP server with the following command :
./check_dhcp -v -u -s 192.168.X.Y -r 192.168.A.B -m 01:AB:23:CD:45:EF
Requested server address: 92.168.X.Y
Hardware address: 1:AB:23:CD:45:EF
DHCP socket: 3
Pretending to be relay client 192.168.A.B
DHCPDISCOVER to 192.168.X.Y port 67
DHCPDISCOVER XID: 164920453 (0x9D47C85)
DHCDISCOVER giaddr: 192.168.A.B
send_dhcp_packet result: 548

recv_result_1: 331
recv_result_2: 331
receive_dhcp_packet() result: 331
receive_dhcp_packet() source: 192.168.X.Y
DHCPOFFER from IP address 192.168.X.Y via 192.168.X.Y
DHCPOFFER XID: 164920453 (0x9D47C85)
DHCPOFFER chaddr: 01AB23CD45EF
DHCPOFFER yiaddr: 192.168.A.B
DHCPOFFER giaddr: 192.168.A.B
Option: 53 (0x01)
Option: 54 (0x04)
Option: 51 (0x04)
Option: 1 (0x04)
Option: 6 (0x08)
Option: 12 (0x12)
Option: 58 (0x04)
Option: 59 (0x04)
Lease Time: 604800 seconds
Renewal Time: 302400 seconds
Rebinding Time: 529200 seconds
Added offer from server @ 192.168.X.Y of IP address 192.168.A.B

No (more) data received (nfound: 0)
Total responses seen on the wire: 1
Valid responses for this machine: 1
DHCP Server Match: Offerer=192.168.X.Y Requested=192.168.X.Y
OK: Received 1 DHCPOFFER(s), 1 of 1 requested servers responded, requested address (192.168.90.B was offered, max lease time = 604800 sec.

I've make a reservation in my infoblox with this MAC address. I try to analyse the return code but I have nothing,
echo $result ==> NOTHING

How I can verify, if the check works well, and In my web nagios interface toward the check_dhcp I have : (null).

My declarations in the differents config files :
Commands.cfg :
#'check_dhcp' command definition avec réservation adresse MAC
define command{
    command_name     check_dhcp
    command_line        sudo $USER1$/check_dhcp -u -s 192.168.X.Y -r 192.168.A.B -m 01:AB:23:CD:45:EF

#'check_dhcp2' command definition avec réservation adresse MAC au travers de variable
define command{
    command_name     check_dhcp2
    command_line         sudo $USER1$/check_dhcp -v -u -s $ARG1$ -r $ARG2$ -m $ARG3$

#'check_dhcp3' command definition simple
define command{
    command_name     check_dhcp3
    command_line        sudo $USER1$/check_dhcp -u -s 192.168.X.Y

Switch.cfg :
#Define a service to check the DHCP service   

define service{
    use                               generic-service
    host_name                 infoblox-forum
    service_description  dhcp reservation MAC
    check_command      check_dhcp

define service{
    use                              generic-service
    host_name                   infoblox
    service_description     dhcp2 reservation MAC avec ARG
    check_command        check_dhcp2

define service{
    use                           generic-service
    host_name                infoblox
    service_description    dhcp3 sans rien
    check_command       check_dhcp3

How to solve problem with the server Infoblox? And how to test the return code of the plugins?

Thank you in advance, for your help.



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