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Alain Williams addw at phcomp.co.uk
Wed Sep 9 22:47:43 CEST 2009

Well, I started this thread and what I heard was:

the basic patch that I made to check_procs although:

1) it was a bit big.

2) it saved state in files. This led to a long discussion where it was thought
   that the ability to save state would be nice but via a generalised API that
   also allowed the possibility of saving to something else.

There not much that I can do about (1), although most of the new code was in
new functions at the bottom of the codeand is associated with save/restore of state.

About (2). I have written an API that, I think, meets the requirement.
It is implemented using files but the API makes no reference to files so a different
mechanism could be plugged in.

This is implemented in:

This provides the simple functions:
	int     np_state_save_serial(const char* name, const char* instance, int version, const char* serial);
that may be used to save state, resored with:
	char*   np_state_restore_serial(const char* name, const char* instance, int version);

There are other functions that may be more convenient for C programmers.
These allow storing/restoring of typed strings (ie record types) and others
that save/restore binary C structures.
The files have a header where the date is kept and comments inserted.

I have modified the check_procs plugin to use this mechanism so that you can see it working.

The functions are exercised in a test program:
This provides examples as to how the functions are intended to be used.

Finally it is all documented:

The patch is against nagios-plugins-trunk-200909091200.

I am content to give copyright to the new code and documentation that I have written,
or code and documentation derived from it, to the Nagios Plugins Development Team on condition:

1) that I may freely use this code, or parts of it, elsewhere under any license and title
   that I choose.

2) that the code that I give shall not be distributed under a license that is not open
   source according to:

3) That my authorship remain in the source files.

Having said that: enjoy!

Alain Williams
Linux/GNU Consultant - Mail systems, Web sites, Networking, Programmer, IT Lecturer.
+44 (0) 787 668 0256  http://www.phcomp.co.uk/
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