[Nagiosplug-devel] New or / and some add-on of existing database plugins.

Matthias Weiß Matthias.Weiss at weiss-system.de
Sun Jan 24 06:13:38 CET 2010


Short about me:
I'm a Consultant, Developer and architect of J2EE Webapplicatins. In the
last 6 years my main task was optimizing multi Tier Webapplications, the
middleware and backend.
So monitoring and preformance measurement of databases is my daily job.
I'm using nagios since 6 Years. Nagios is an easy and good Tool to monitor
Systems and Service.
Today i work for an customer who uses more than 300 Mysql, 100 Oracle and
about 40 Sybase databases.

This customer decided to migrate the old nagios 2 Infratsucture to nagios3
and pnp4nagios. So i got the job to write some checks for this environment
and databases. I had a look on the existing plugins and missed many of data
to monitor databases. I also miss performance data for pnp4nagios.
After an review i found out, that check_mysql and check_oracle doesn't
follow your requirement of plugins.

This initial situation induced me to write some own checks and pnp4nagios
templates. So I'm asking, if you would be interested in this checks and add
them to your project for an official release later on.
Maybe i can help you as developer in your project and assist you in some
jobs there. I would take care for my checks in future and develop some
extensions for more monitoring details.

My expirience of writing nagios plugins isn't very large and of long
duration. So you will find the first prototype for review and discussion at:


Let me know, if i could help you in your project or you're interested in
some more plugins for database monitoring.
Maybe you can give me some tips to make this checks better.

thx Matthias Weiss

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