[Nagiosplug-devel] check_procs and very long process names

Simeon Zaharici simeon_zaharici at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 17:31:28 CEST 2010

I see that in fact the limit comes from the output of ps axwo 'stat uid pid ppid vsz rss pcpu comm args ' and got around it by monitoring the args field

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From: Simeon Zaharici <simeon_zaharici at yahoo.com>
Subject: [Nagiosplug-devel] check_procs and very long process names
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I have to monitor a few servers that have unusually long process names ranging between 30 and 46 characters. From what I see check_procs works with procs with up to 16 characters.I tried to edit the source code to allow for longer names but did not manage to do that correctly :D, can you guys help ?

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