[Nagiosplug-devel] State retention functionality

Flyinvap flyinvap at orange.fr
Wed Jun 16 22:20:36 CEST 2010

Le 16/06/2010 20:53, William Preston a écrit :
> The current solution of storing state data in the perfdata field and
passing it as
> an option may not be pretty, but at least it works in such situations.

I agree but you can always use that way ;-)

> * Will you be supplying bindings for perl, shell, python etc.?

Very important.

> * Unique identifier: I would offer the user a key option (e.g.
--statekey '$HOSTNAME$/$SERVICEDESC$') and only use argv as a last
resort because it may change with on-demand macros.


> * Performance -> file I/O is a problem in large setups

Nagios use too many I/O, with this system would not improve performance.
We can always put thoses files in a ramdisk.

> Don't misunderstand me - I agree with you that we need this
functionality - but I fear
> the "simple solution" may be worse than the current workaround using

I agree. I use SERVICEPERFDATA because I do not have many plugins using
it. In the futur I would try memcached for that, it's not too hard to
install and maintain.


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