[Nagiosplug-devel] Building on windows?

Michael Medin michael at medin.name
Tue May 18 14:00:01 CEST 2010

2010-05-18 13:01 Andreas Ericsson skrev:
>> Also a platform independent build system would, I guess, be preferable
>> to "configure" as well.
> GNU Make can be used for that, so long as we just decide on a supported
> compiler. Most likely that will be visual studio c++ express, which, to
> the best of my knowledge, has command-line support.
But does gnu make support detection and configuration of the build 
I am no expert on gnu make but one of the benefits of for instance boost 
jam, scons and cmake, etc etc are their ability to detect where things 
are and such (much like configure does on *nix) and I thought it lacked 
such features?

>> I am relaying heavily on boost and cmake for NSCP in an attempt to make
>> it plattform independent and was considering something along those
>> lines. But as the code is much integrated it is, I guess, a lot of work
>> to base (with patches) any work on the code as is.
>> But I really think such changes need to come from "within" and not from
>> "outside" (as they often require structural changes) so if there is no
>> interest I think it will not be a beneficial effort.
>> The reason this question "pops up" is that I was considering adding your
>> plugins to NSCP.
> I think that would be extremely difficult, since the local checks mostly
> spawn unix-specific utilities to do the heavy lifting for them.
For some checks yes... for many no.
For instance "check_cpu" would not make much sense to make portable (in 
that regard) but many other cheks like for instance instance check_http 
could very well be platform independent.
> Rewriting the necessary ones from scratch, using windows specific api's,
> seems like a far better idea.
It depends...
 From my point of view it means I would end up having to maintain event 
more code which I rather not.
But perhaps that is the only possibility.
I would much rather have a collective effort maintaining the same 
codebase then having to spend all day long keeping patches up to date 
with the up-stream.
Also where I to rewrite them I would do so in a platform independent 
manner anyways ;)

// Michael Medin

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