[Nagiosplug-devel] Stack overflow in check_clamd/check_tcp

C. Bensend benny at bennyvision.com
Wed Oct 27 12:09:44 CEST 2010

> What kind of optimizations were used at compile time? Maybe worth trying
> with -O0
> Just my 2 cents...

Hi Thomas,

   The first time I tried this, I didn't touch CFLAGS which gave
me a default of '-g -O2'.

   Holger asked me to retry with -O0, but there was no change in

   HOWEVER, I also tried compiling with -fno-stack-protector,
and I noticed that the updated CFLAGS value was *not* being
propagated to plugins/Makefile, so I wonder if the -O0 test
was valid.  If I set my CFLAGS environment in ./ of the plugins
directory, it *should* be propagated to the plugins/Makefile
after a distclean and ./configure, shouldn't it?


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