[Nagiosplug-devel] Introduction

Tony Yarusso tyarusso at nagios.com
Wed Sep 22 17:02:17 CEST 2010

Hey everybody.  I got to thinking a while ago and realized that while
some of you may have noticed me in various places, I never actually
introduced myself, so I figured I'd do that now.

My name is Tony Yarusso and I've been working part-time at Nagios
Enterprises since early spring.  I'm one of three new people the company
brought on this year to make up its "tech team".  Since we're a
relatively small company, we all dabble in a pretty wide range of things
- my common tasks include customer support, writing documentation and
tech tips, testing, and scripting.  So for instance, some of those
things that have appeared on the Nagios Library about integrating NagVis
or DNX are largely my work.  The documentation I write is geared towards
an audience of Nagios XI customers, but frequently applies at least
partially to Nagios Core as well (as is the case with both of the ones I
just mentioned).  You may have also crossed paths with me in the Ubuntu
community, where I am a local community team contact and a core IRC
channel operator.

Another aspect of my job that I'm trying to find ways to do is community
interfacing - improving our communication and relationships with you
all, as well as with other projects we make use of like NagiosQL,
NagVis, PNP4Nagios, etc.  As part of that, you can find me regularly on
the #nagios IRC channel on Freenode, get updates on the XI & company
side of things through the @nagiosxi and @nagiosinc Identi.ca/Twitter
feeds, and of course through the mailing lists.  As you've probably
noticed, Ethan doesn't have as much time as he used to to go through
mailing lists regularly with his business-running tasks, so I'm trying
to be another set of eyes looking for things that may warrant a reply
from someone here (although that doesn't mean I'll understand the more
technical posts).

Anyway, just thought I'd say hey, and you'll hear some more stuff from
me soon.

Tony Yarusso
Technical Team
Nagios Enterprises, LLC
Email:  tyarusso at nagios.com
Web:    www.nagios.com

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