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Claudio M. Llanca claudioll at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 20:24:04 CET 2011

Hi Guys, well, this is my fist post in this list. :)

So here is my doubt.

I'm using nagios perl module, to create a set of monitors to check for
specific application metrics on my company's client.

For that I'm using perl and the nagios perl module Nagios::Plugin .

The problem seems to be the exit structure of the performance data, as
you can see in my example, each value are separated using double
semi-colon , instead of a single. like the following link shows.



WWW RESPONSES OK | 20x=94.71%;; 30x=5.00%;; 40x=0.28%;; 50x=0.00%;;

So I've found the following line on Performance.pm (part of the nagios
plugin module)


 # Previous implementation omitted trailing ;; - do we need this?
 $out =~ s/;;$//;

So .. my question is, that output is still valid for nagios ?

Just in case i've made modifications to the Performance.pm file
(attached to this mail), in order to get the following output. :

WWW RESPONSES OK | 20x=94.71%; 30x=5.00%; 40x=0.28%; 50x=0.00%;

Thanks a lot.

Claudio M. Llanca
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