[Nagiosplug-devel] Integer overflow when querying large counter values in check_nt

Rene Finsterbusch R.Finsterbusch at ecofys.com
Fri Jan 28 14:14:52 CET 2011

Hi all,


Currently I am facing the issue, that warning and critical level defined
as unsigned long:


unsigned long warning_value=0L;

unsigned long critical_value=0L;


With that, it is working within a range from 0 to  4.294.967.295. So if
you want to use check_nt to query e.g. the memory usage of a process (in
bytes), you can't specify anything else than 4GB max.


Could you please have a look at this and maybe put it to a float value?


Greets from Cologne,

and cheers for the great plugin,



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