[Nagiosplug-devel] [HEADS UP] Repositories moved to Github

Holger Weiß holger at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Tue Apr 17 15:41:31 CEST 2012

As nobody seemed to object¹, I moved our repositories to Github:


Contributors are now encouraged to send pull requests via Github²
instead of using the "Patches" tracker on SourceForge.  Please also feel
free to create pull requests for unhandled patches you sent to the
SourceForge tracker (but don't forget to mention the SourceForge tracker
item ID in the pull request).

Team members with push access will have to update their local clones of
the repositories.  Assuming you cloned the "nagiosplug" repository and
the remote repository is referenced by the name "origin" (which it is by
default), you could use the following command to update the URL:

$ git remote set-url origin git at github.com:nagios-plugins/nagios-plugins.git

Anyone else can continue to track the SourceForge repositories, as they
now mirror the Github repositories.

We're looking forward to your pull requests :-)


¹ See: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.network.nagios.plugins.devel/7570
² See: http://help.github.com/send-pull-requests/

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