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Bugs item #3552862, was opened at 2012-07-31 16:34
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Submitted By: Cálestyo (calestyo)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: add --with-lmstat-command to configure 

Initial Comment:

This is from the old / soon to be disabled again Nagios Plugins bug tracker that used to be at Nagios itself.
I've just copied this bug over. I'm not the original reporter and have no idea about the thoughts about this bug.

This used to be: http://tracker.nagios.org/view.php?id=122
Just upgraded nagios-plugins to 1.4.14.

The configure script has numerous options for specifying the location of various commands that may be used by the plugins.

The check_flexlm script makes use of the lmstat binary, specified in the utils.pm library, but the value is empty, which caused some minor breakage during my upgrade.

It appears that @PATH_TO_LMSTAT@ is a macro that could be used to expand to the correct value if the path to lmstat was supplied or automatically detected. I don't expect any sort of logic could find the lmstat binary on my system (and it's not in my build user's path), so some means of supplying the value should be added, presumably during the configure. 

[nagios at enigma nagios-plugins-1.4.14]$ grep -R PATH_TO_LMSTAT *
config.h:/* #undef PATH_TO_LMSTAT */
config.h.in:#undef PATH_TO_LMSTAT
config.status:s, at PATH_TO_LMSTAT@,|#_!!_#|,g
configure:if test "${ac_cv_path_PATH_TO_LMSTAT+set}" = set; then
configure: case $PATH_TO_LMSTAT in
configure: ac_cv_path_PATH_TO_LMSTAT="$PATH_TO_LMSTAT" # Let the user override the test with a path.
configure: ac_cv_path_PATH_TO_LMSTAT="$as_dir/$ac_word$ac_exec_ext"
configure:if test -n "$PATH_TO_LMSTAT"; then
configure: { echo "$as_me:$LINENO: result: $PATH_TO_LMSTAT" >&5
configure:echo "${ECHO_T}$PATH_TO_LMSTAT" >&6; }
configure:if test -x "$PATH_TO_LMSTAT"
configure:#define PATH_TO_LMSTAT "$PATH_TO_LMSTAT"
configure.in:if test -x "$PATH_TO_LMSTAT"
configure.in: AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(PATH_TO_LMSTAT,"$PATH_TO_LMSTAT",[path to lmstat])
gl/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
lib/tests/Makefile.in:PATH_TO_LMSTAT = @PATH_TO_LMSTAT@
lib/tests/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
lib/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
perlmods/Makefile.in:PATH_TO_LMSTAT = @PATH_TO_LMSTAT@
perlmods/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
plugins/Makefile.in:PATH_TO_LMSTAT = @PATH_TO_LMSTAT@
plugins/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
plugins-root/Makefile.in:PATH_TO_LMSTAT = @PATH_TO_LMSTAT@
plugins-root/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
plugins-scripts/Makefile.in:PATH_TO_LMSTAT = @PATH_TO_LMSTAT@
plugins-scripts/utils.pm.in:$PATH_TO_LMSTAT = "@PATH_TO_LMSTAT@" ;
plugins-scripts/check_flexlm.pl:my $lmstat = $utils::PATH_TO_LMSTAT ;
plugins-scripts/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT =
plugins-scripts/utils.pm:$PATH_TO_LMSTAT = "" ;
plugins-scripts/check_flexlm:my $lmstat = $utils::PATH_TO_LMSTAT ;
tap/Makefile:PATH_TO_LMSTAT = 


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