[Nagiosplug-devel] [PATCH/PULL] Various improvements and fixes for check_pgsql

Sebastian Harl sh at teamix.net
Thu Jul 5 11:53:55 CEST 2012


while going through my nagios-plugins repo, I noticed the following
branch still sitting there ;-)

While the query support is a bit redundant with the check_dbi plugin by
now, I still think that could also be included in check_pgsql (after all
the code is already there, it's not that complex/much and I'm willing to
support it ;-)). Comments, flames, whatever about that would be much
appreciated, though. If people disagree, I'll extract the other patches.

The branch is now available at

Any comments, feedback?


On Fri, Apr 08, 2011 at 11:31:32AM +0200, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> I'm not sure about the preferred way to submit patches, so I'll just go
> for a "pull request" for now. Please feel free to beat me to whatever
> you prefer most ;-)
> Anyway … I've got a few changes to the check_pgsql plugin sitting in the
> sh/check_pgsql branch at git://oss.teamix.org/nagiosplug.git:
>       check_pgsql: Added support for executing queries.
>       check_pgsql: Fixed query perfdata output for empty warn/crit ranges.
>       check_pgsql: Use PQconnectdb() rather than PQsetdbLogin().
>       check_pgsql: Allow UNIX socket directories as hostname as well.
>       check_pgsql: Removed -4/-6 flags from help output.
>       check_pgsql: Added support for the -o command line option.
>       check_pgsql: Updated copyright.
>       check_pgsql: Leave 'min' value in query perfdata empty.
>       check_pgsql: Determine connection time in µs-resolution.
> The most important changes are the following:
>     check_pgsql: Added support for executing queries.
>     The query result (the double value of the first column in the first row, to be
>     precise) will be checked against threshold ranges specified using the -C and
>     -W options.
>     Note that this also allows to query PostgreSQL internal values using the
>     information available from the database daemon's "statistics collector" -- see
>     the chapter "Monitoring Database Activity" in the PostgreSQL manual for
>     details.
> (diff: <http://oss.teamix.org/projects/nagiosplug/repository/diff?rev=8a55b5215a1194335455594e39ac2004e4eea754&rev_to=1bc7a4a198aefde2389c9c1685baed0da7856bf5>)
>     check_pgsql: Added support for the -o command line option.
>     This option may be used to specify further connection parameters to be passed
>     to PQconnectdb(). For example, this may be used to specify a service name in
>     pg_service.conf to be used for additional connection parameters: -o
>     'service=<name>' or to specify the SSL mode: -o 'sslmode=require'.
>     See the chapter "libpq - C Library" in the PostgreSQL manual for details.
> (diff: <http://oss.teamix.org/projects/nagiosplug/repository/diff?rev=a02b463ff6c923d2432fe8ab6536262a250b330d&rev_to=5d7f78dd28b747a9117853a1465aebd767396329>)
> I'd be happy for any feedback and comments.
> Cheers,
> Sebastian

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