[Nagiosplug-devel] Error in check_disk / AIX system / large part

Samuel Mutel smutel at monitoring-fr.org
Thu May 23 14:18:49 CEST 2013


I encounter an issue on check_disk plugin.

The two bug report below is related to my issue.


I tried to see in the source code what is wrong, but I need some help.

I think that the problem is in fsusage.c.
On line 231 : fsp->fsu_bavail = PROPAGATE_TOP_BIT (fsd.f_bavail);
I add this printf("bavail:%g\n",fsd.f_bavail);

On little part, I have the result (712G) : bavail:2.94574e-300
On large part, I have the result (11,4T) :  bavail:-4.72129e-44

I think that the issue is around this peace of code.
Can you help me ?

Samuel Mutel.

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