[HEADS UP] New project name: Monitoring Plugins

Holger Weiß holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jan 16 01:12:27 CET 2014

As some of you might've noticed, we, the Nagios Plugins Development
Team, renamed the "Nagios Plugins" to "Monitoring Plugins".


In the past, the domain "nagios-plugins.org" pointed to a server
maintained by us, the Nagios Plugins Development Team.  The domain
itself had been transferred to Nagios Enterprises a few years ago, but
we had an agreement that the project would continue to be independently
run by the actual plugin maintainers.¹  Yesterday, the DNS records were
modified to point to web space controlled by Nagios Enterprises instead.
This change was done without prior notice.

To make things worse, large parts of our web site were copied and are
now served (with slight modifications²) by <http://nagios-plugins.org/>.
Again, this was done without contacting us, and without our permission.

This means we cannot use the name "Nagios Plugins" any longer.

We're not too happy having to rename the project.  This will lead to
some confusion, and to quite a bit of work for others and for ourselves.
We would've preferred to save everyone this trouble.

One of the unfortunate consequences is that we had to change the mailing
list addresses *again*: They now all use the "monitoring-plugins.org"
domain instead of "nagios-plugins.org".  We're really sorry for this
inconvenience, but the issue is beyond our control.  While we don't like
the idea of sending password reminders on a regular basis, we'll trigger
them once for all our mailing lists within the next 48 hours, so that
you can easily unsubscribe should you prefer doing so.

That said, we *do* like how the "Monitoring Plugins" name indicates that
our plugins are also used by various other projects these days.  While
the Nagios folks created the original implementation of the core plugins
bundle, an independent team has taken over development more than a
decade ago, and the product is intended to be useful for *all* users,
including, but not limited to, the customers of Nagios Enterprises.

It'll probably take us a few days to sort out various issues caused by
the new project name, but we're confident that we can resume our
development work towards the next stable releases very soon.  The new
web site is already up and running:


We'd like to take the chance to thank you, our community, for your
countless contributions, which made the plugins what they are today.
You guys are awesome.  We're looking forward to the next chapter of
Monitoring Plugins development, and we hope you are, too!

¹ See <https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/news/domain-transfer.html>.
² E.g., <http://nagios-plugins.org/> no longer mentions Icinga, Shinken,
  and Naemon.

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