[HEADS UP] New project name: Monitoring Plugins

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Fri Jan 17 00:57:53 CET 2014

At 05:21 PM 1/16/2014, Jan Wagner wrote:

> > can't you guys play nice?
>Play nice? From my point of view all actions was public, even when
>representatives of "Nagios Enterprises, LLC" tried to force the
>developers things to do or even not.

"Play Nice" from the standpoint that this is the first the lists 
heard of any discord. "Play Nice" from the standpoint of 
acknowledging that different team members have different views, 
objectives, and resources. "Play Nice" from the standpoint of 
appearing like a nice, cohesive project for the muggles.

>"Out of control" for just developing and maintaining a peace of
>software that "Nagios Enterprises, LLC" is using and has "na*ios" in
>it's name? For just naming some of the projects which are compatible
>with the plugins on the website?!?

If it were that simple, it would seem possible to work out the 
issues, would it not?

> > I read their post and it was misleading at best. We emailed them in
> > the past about certain thing's and told them that it needed to be
> > corrected. We never received a response back from them so we had to
> > take back control of the site.
>Why is this statement not sent to the developers team?

If you did not receive it, that would seem to point to bad 
communications? Of course there are two sides to the story, and the 
do not need to be aired on a public list.

The point is that Nagios is not really the "dark side", rather from a 
user perspective it seems like the do try to support the OS community 
in many ways; the fact that it IS possible to fork a project just 
means that another option exists for the community. It does not mean 
that it is the best solution to the problem. In this case, forks do 
the Nagios community a disservice, as having five or six Monitoring 
projects and code bases is just is an indication of a fractured 
community where folks can "take the only baseball to another field". 
Not many users are going to switch projects just because there is 
somebody or something they don't like - they have to stick with the 
original project as long as it has not been abandoned or trashed in some way.

In addition, the fact that there IS a commercial project is a big 
benefit in that is makes the entire project visible, which makes it 
possible for commercial users to contribute - *especially* when they 
want something done and they pay a developer to solve a problem that 
is then added back to the project.

> > We have another team in place and are always looking for more
> > contributors if you interested in submitting patches.
>I hope it will be more patches, then the plugins projects has recieved
>from "Nagios Enterprises, LLC" representatives!
>With kind regards, Jan.

That would be a nice goal, but it probably won't happen - it doesn't 
make sense for Nagios to push patches to a forked project, does it? 
*Especially* since that forked project probably is no longer 
compatible? All that produces is a bunch of unsupported forks, which 
dilutes the pool of talented folks that DO wish to contribute.

Just an outside view, .. please accept as intended. I like the Nagios 
project, and have enjoyed the benefits of Core while watching XI and 
seeing what the commercial side is going.



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