[HEADS UP] New project name: Monitoring Plugins

William Leibzon william at leibzon.org
Sat Jan 18 02:45:49 CET 2014

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Holger Weiß <holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
> As some of you might've noticed, we, the Nagios Plugins Development
> Team, renamed the "Nagios Plugins" to "Monitoring Plugins".
>         <https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/>

Is anyone working on updating README.md and other documentation to
reflect new name and url?


Unrelated (sort-of):

I will try to put together presentation on open-source monitoring for
LA Devops and LA Linux meetups. I'm probably too busy in winter to do
this, so it maybe pushed to May. And I'll also do this presentation
for San Francisco devops people probably in September. I planned to do
this presentation for some time on new features of Nagios 4, but given
current status of things its going to be neutral (and I'm remaining
neutral myself) and not about any one project. If people want to send
me some slides about your project and features, feel free to do so. I
will mention change of nagios-plugins to monitoring-plugins and will
try to explain to people what is going on and why - people in two
largest metro areas in California ought to know about "political"
situation with nagios and related projects.

And FYI, as of today I changed my own plugins repository to be
https://github.com/willixix/naglio-plugins with old repo name
https://github.com/willixix/WL-NagiosPlugins now being a clone. This
is not as much renaming as it is actually choosing to have a name for
project as before it was jut a collection of plugins in one repository
which I could not decide what to call all together. Naglio here is
name I came up with a year ago for library which came out my code, its
meant to be something like 'ugly nagios library'. I'll just use same
name for entire repository and project now.


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