check_dig: stick with integer devision (e33ecc8)

Holger Weiß notifications at
Thu Jan 30 21:52:25 CET 2014

Actually, I was inclined to hardcode `+tries=1` on the `dig(1)` command line.  While the `dig(1)` command happens to implement retries by default, most of our plugins don't, because users might want to *notice* if some fraction of queries fail, and because Nagios & friends support "soft states" if users *don't* want to be notified in such cases.  I'd be surprised if the original `check_dig` author consciously relied on these `dig(1)` semantics.

And yes, maybe the disagreement is "philosophical": I do not at all believe that more configuration switches are necessarily better.  Only those that might actually be useful are good :-)  But I'll agree that there are many cases where you could argue one way or the other.

Either way, if there's just one more comment on this single line of code, I'll revert to the floating point division, which I agree is totally fine as well ;-)

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