GitHub notifications

Holger Weiß holger at
Thu Jan 30 22:58:18 CET 2014

As you surely have noticed, our GitHub account is configured to forward
notifications to this mailing list.  We've set things up this way
because we like the idea of having a single place where all
development-related stuff goes.  Most discussions on contributed code
happen on GitHub these days.  I consider those to be an essential part
of our development history, so I'm not really comfortable with having
the archives locked into a proprietary site.

Then again, we've had at least two subscribers complain about these
notifications on our IRC channel (#monitoring-plugins on freenode).  I
do see their point, especially when it comes to all the
"closed"/"reopened" status change messages that were generated recently.
One suggestion was to try to filter out those, so that only actual
comments would get through to this list.  But we figured we'd ask you,
first!  Which of the following options would you prefer?

| IMPORTANT: Please send an email to me PERSONALLY to just vote for one
| of the options.  If you have additional comments, feel free to post
| them to the list, of course.

  [ ] Please continue to forward all notifications to this list.
  [ ] Please filter out status changes, but forward actual comments.
  [ ] Please don't forward any GitHub notifications!
  [ ] I don't care.


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