check_radius: segfaulting when compiled against freeradius (#1270)

waja notifications at
Sun Jul 6 11:35:02 CEST 2014

libfreeradius-client2 needs a specific parameter in radiusclient.conf:

# The length of time in seconds that we skip a nonresponsive RADIUS
# server for transaction requests.  Server(s) being in the "dead" state
# are tried only after all other non-dead servers have been tried and
# failed or timeouted.	The deadtime interval starts when the server
# does not respond to an authentication/accounting request transmissions.
# When the interval expires, the "dead" server would be re-tried again,
# and if it's still down then it will be considered "dead" for another
# such interval and so on. This option is no-op if there is only one
# server in the list. Set to 0 in order to disable the feature.
radius_deadtime 0

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