Remaining use of asprintf (#1279)

waja notifications at
Wed Jul 30 15:01:42 CEST 2014

$ rgrep asprintf . | grep -v xasprintf | grep -v xvasprintf | grep -v ^./gl
| grep -v ^./.git
Binary file ./.git/index matches
./plugins/check_snmp.c: 			die(STATE_UNKNOWN,_("Cannot
./plugins/check_http.c:  /* NOTE: After this if/else block msg *MUST* be an
asprintf-allocated string */
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:		asprintf (&conninfo, "%s ",
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:	asprintf (&conninfo, "%sdbname = '%s'",
conninfo ? conninfo : "", dbName);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:		asprintf (&conninfo, "%s host =
'%s'", conninfo, pghost);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:		asprintf (&conninfo, "%s port =
'%s'", conninfo, pgport);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:		asprintf (&conninfo, "%s options =
'%s'", conninfo, pgoptions);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:		asprintf (&conninfo, "%s user =
'%s'", conninfo, pguser);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:		asprintf (&conninfo, "%s password =
'%s'", conninfo, pgpasswd);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:				asprintf (&pgparams,
"%s %s", pgparams, optarg);
./plugins/check_pgsql.c:				asprintf (&pgparams,
"%s", optarg);
./plugins/utils.c: * asprintf, but die on failure
./plugins/utils.c:	int result = vasprintf (strp, fmt, ap);
./lib/tests/test_ini1.c:	asprintf(&optstr, "");
./lib/tests/test_ini1.c:		asprintf(&optstr, "%s%s ", optstr,
./lib/tests/test_cmd.c: asprintf (&cmd, " %s", line[i++]);
./lib/tests/test_cmd.c: 	asprintf (&cmd, "%s %s", cmd, line[i]);
./lib/parse_ini.c:			if ((asprintf(&ini_file, "%s/%s",
dir, *file)) < 0)
./po/Makevars:XGETTEXT_OPTIONS = --keyword=_ --keyword=N_
--flag=error:3:c-format --flag=error_at_line:5:c-format
--flag=asprintf:2:c-format --flag=vasprintf:2:c-format
./po/fr.po:msgid "Cannot asprintf()"
./po/de.po:msgid "Cannot asprintf()"
./po/monitoring-plugins.pot:msgid "Cannot asprintf()"
./tap/tap.c:		vasprintf(&local_test_name, test_name, ap);
./tap/tap.c:		} else {	/* vasprintf() failed, use a fixed
message */
./tap/tap.c:	   point.  If it's NULL then asprintf() failed, and we
./tap/tap.c:	asprintf(&skip_msg, fmt, ap);
./tap/tap.c:	vasprintf(&todo_msg, fmt, ap);

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