check_apt: also check for HWE EOL status (#1260)

basak notifications at
Mon Jun 16 14:29:18 CEST 2014

We want to backport this patch to nagios-plugins in Ubuntu 12.04, so that
users using a 12.04 HWE package get the notification.

I understand that you will need to review this in your own time.

This is time-critical for us due to our EOL schedule for our existing HWE
packages. I'm also behind on our schedule (my fault). If you need some time
to review, I can push this patch into 12.04 anyway and do something else for
the master branch and future releases, but I'd prefer to adopt any changes
you want both in this master branch and in our backport. So even if you
can't complete a full review immediately, I'd appreciate any early feedback
you can provide.

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