Extra-Opts configuration file location(s)

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 12:35:00 CEST 2014

On 18.06.2014 12:15, Holger Weiß wrote:
> * Holger Weiß <holger at zedat.fu-berlin.de> [2014-06-18 10:51]:
>> In the upcoming Monitoring Plugins release, the Extra-Opts feature will
>> be enabled by default.  See:
>> 	https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/doc/extra-opts.html
>> The configuration file used by that feature can be specified on the
>> command line or via an environment variable.  If neither is done, a list
>> of default locations is searched.
> And what about these default locations?  Is everyone fine with the
> following two path names?
> - /usr/local/etc/monitoring-plugins.ini
> - /etc/monitoring-plugins.ini
> Or shall we also support subdirectories?  E.g.:
> - /usr/local/etc/monitoring-plugins/monitoring-plugins.ini
> - /etc/monitoring-plugins/monitoring-plugins.ini

Please, use sub dirs. That will be a default for packages, and you would
like to support them as well out of the box (source compile shouldn't
happen these days if there are well maintained packages).

> Or would be prefer a different file extension (such as ".cfg" or
> ".conf")?

*.cfg reminds users of native nagios/icinga 1.x object config
*.conf is a common default for apache, and also icinga 2

is the format real ini-parsable? then name it like so. icinga web 2 also
uses ini files, and they preserve that suffix.

kind regards,

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