[PATCH] new executable check_timex

Sami Kerola kerolasa at iki.fi
Fri Aug 14 22:24:35 CEST 2015


This is just a notify about pull request in github.


You can find the change also from my remote branch mentioned be.o.

The following changes since commit 82e28411c8803cdfa1868a530e2a56dc046ada92:
  check_ldap: fix number of skipable tests (2015-04-23 09:51:26 +0200)
are available in the git repository at:
  git://github.com/kerolasa/monitoring-plugins.git timex
for you to fetch changes up to 1237ccfb81dc990535c90049195a5a865c26dd88:
  check_timex: add new plugin (2015-08-14 21:13:22 +0100)

Since I am lazy all I want to say about the new command is the same what
I told in commit message:

-- snip
    This plugin uses ntp_adjtime() function to read and report system time
    using struct timex values.  Check is similar to check_ntp_time, but with
    a difference being completely local execution.  This has some desirable
    effects, such as:
    1) This check runs very quickly.
    2) The status of clock is reported from solely systems point of view,
    i.e., a small network hiccup or public DNS failure will not cause
    spurious failures
    3) The check works when clock is syncronized with something else than
    ntp, such as ptp.
    Main difference of the check_timex and check_ntp_time is units used in
    --warning and --critical arguments.  This check is using microseconds,
    while the check_ntp_time is using seconds.  That means one should not
    interchange these checks without additional configuration changes.
-- snip

Sami Kerola

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