check_dig: expected address is an exact match (#1385)

Oliver Skibbe notifications at
Wed Oct 14 09:11:12 CEST 2015

Expected address is not fully matched for example

Assume i have a host which has the IP and i want to check
against it:
``´./check_dig -H dns1 -vvvv -l -a```

As expected check_dig returns OK, but if its checked for .21:
``´./check_dig -H dns1 -vvvv -l -a```

It returns also OK, because strstr/strcasestr just locate substrings but it
might return a WARNING/CRITICAL because it matches not 100%

To not break working setups we could add a new option -e --exact-match which
toggles strict checking and then returns WARN/CRIT if the result and the
expected result do not match 100%

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