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On 2015-09-13 09:52, Magnus wrote:
> Hello,
> I would also like a duration parameter for the threshold, for example a
> lot of units only has a CPU usage not a load average and to avoid alerts
> during short spikes of load it would be great to say that for example
> only issue warning or critical if the load is > 80% for 15 minutes or
> something like that. This is good for most things I think like the load
> on an interface an so on.
> Has this been discussed, can this be added to the threshold syntax?

That would be part of the "max_check_attempts" machinery. Plugins don't
maintain state unless they absolutely have to. Adding logic like this
to them would be redundant, since it's already available in all major
checking engines that support them.

I suggest you use a GUI that lets you filter out the soft checks from
the results you're viewing. That will let you configure things so that
only things that have been bad for a long time will register on your

Although for load specifically, there is actually a 15-min interval
that you can set thresholds for.

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