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Christian Kujau lists at
Tue Feb 25 19:09:13 CET 2020

On Tue, 25 Feb 2020, johnson.king at wrote:
> kit I am monitoring, I have had to side load net snmp 5.8 and want to 
> use your check but I cant find a way to specify which snmpget it uses,

When compiling monitoring-plugins the path to snmpget can be specified 
during "configure":

 $ ./configure --help | grep -m1 snmpg
  --with-snmpget-command=PATH Path to snmpget command

Short of recompiling you could maybe use the PATH variable to force 
check_snmp to find a certain snmpget version. For example, but untested:
  PATH=/opt/snmp-5.8/bin check_snmp -H [...]

Hm, but that doesn't seem to work, because check_snmp has /usr/bin/snmpget 
hardcodes. So, recompiling it is, I guess :)

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