check_s3_file_age v0.7 (monitoring-plugins 2.1.1)

Lorenz lorenz at
Tue Mar 22 08:09:27 CET 2022

Hi Heino,
There might be some confusion here. To my knowledge, there is no 
check_s3_file_age as a part of this project.
Might it be from monitoring-plugins-contrib or a similar package
on your distribution?
You can view the plugins here [0] and mostly the issue tracker
on Github is used for problems as I can see.



On 21.03.22 16:07, heino rask wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the nice work you have done.
> Is there any possibility that you can do/modify the script so that it 
> can search with wildcards in the filename?
> And also get the credentials from a file?
> myfile_date_*.log   or myfile_date_2022.*
> Cheers, best regards
> Heino

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