Software Repositories

The Monitoring Plugins Development Team takes care of three projects:

These projects are maintained in separate repositories on GitHub:

Contributions are always welcome! If you'd like to provide patches, please fork the desired repository and submit a pull request. In case you're not familiar with Git, you might want to look into our short introduction or some other Git documentation, first.


Integration Tests

Our development workflow includes continuous integration tests hosted by Travis CI and static code analysis performed by Coverity Scan.

Bundled Test Suite

The Monitoring Plugins bundle comes with an extensive test suite. Some of the tests require libtap, a copy of which is shipped with the Monitoring Plugins source tarball. In order to execute all tests, issue the following commands:

$ ./tools/setup # When building from Git.
$ ./configure --enable-libtap
$ make
$ make test

Also see our testing-related development FAQs.

Regular tests of the latest code are scheduled automatically on various platforms, the results can be viewed online.