[Nagiosplug-devel] a plugin to check interface errors

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Thu Aug 14 09:31:03 CEST 2003

I already tried the same with some similar approaches but failed. 
The data collection for mine into the rrd's is done by mrtg, then using the somehow only "very little working" check_rrdtool-0.3.pl to check the threshold. It works for my CPU-rrds but not for iferrors somehow..

I'd really appreciate if there'd be a _working_ check_rrd in future as with such a plugin several of these checks could be performed very easy.


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I'm wondering if someone has written a plugin to check for interface
I have already looked at check_ifoperstatus and check_ifstatus - and I've
already got my own versions of them for SNMPv3.

What I'm looking for is a way to detect interface errors. I've got some
code I'm still working on, but the data storage is killing me. To explain:

Basically, I'm walking the MIBs (ifInErrors) and (ifOutErrors) every 10 minutes and storing them each
an different rrd (a file named $hostname-$ifDescr.rrd). Then, I'm rrd
fetching the last 60 minutes worth of data - if there's at least
$warning_cnt errors in that time period, return warning. Finally, I'm rrd
fetching the last 180 minutes (3 hrs) worth of data - if there's an error
rate of at least $critical_rate per minute, return critical.

I'm having problems with storing the rrd data with the RRDs perl module -
I'm trying to simulate the data by pre-populating a rrd file with errors,
and I'm getting a floating point results (instead of int). I'm using
1.0.45. FWIW, my RRD create looks like this:

        RRDs::create ( $filename,
            "--start", $now - 60,
            "--step", "600",


1) Has anyone written a plugin to check interface errors?
2) Has anyone had strange problems with RRDs and float/int problems?


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