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Category: None
Group: Next Release (example)
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Submitted By: John Marquart (vaix)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: accept environ for check_by_ssh / others

Initial Comment:
I came to realize that due to the use of spopen and the 
execve call, that the check_by_ssh script will ignore 
environmental variables.

I think it would be very usefull to potentially allow 
environmental variables / a method for defining certain 

For me, this came up, because I am  using a kerberized 
(or more properly a gssapi hacked) ssh.  I would like the 
ability to use the KRB5CCNAME environment variable 
so that I can define a credentials cache for nagios to 
use - and handle all check_by_ssh checks via gssapi 

I imagine that there are other hacks/uses of ssh which 
also depend on the env variables to be correctly set.

Has anyone else come across problems w/ plugins that 
use the spopen function not being able to properly set 
environmental variables?   Any solutions?


Comment By: Simon Kitching (s_kitching)
Date: 2003-12-15 10:31

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I've been bitten by this one too. 

I need to monitor a host that can only be accessed via ssh
via a SOCKS proxy. In order to enable socks proxying,
LD_PRELOAD and LD_LIBRARY_PATH are modified to cause the
custom socks networking library to be loaded instead of the
standard system one. But because check_by_ssh clears the
environment before invoking ssh, the child ssh process can't

I would like to see an extra option on the check_by_ssh
commandline to pass environment settings (eg "-u" for
"unsafe"?).  This would of course mean altering spopen(...)
to have an extra param indicating whether the child process
should have a "clean" environment or inherit the parent's


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