[Nagiosplug-devel] IPv6 support in Nagios

Jeremy T. Bouse jeremy+nagios at undergrid.net
Fri Jun 27 11:17:02 CEST 2003

	The current CVS code fully supported IPv6 as the code was
modified to be completely AF-independent... The CVS version of
check_tcp & check_udp already do support IPv6 hostnames and addresses
right along with IPv4 support... It automatically attempts to try
whichever is returned...

	As you have mentioned the -4 and -6 support is not yet in all
the options... As the one who did the major AF-independent code changes
I have just not had the time to dig into this and add the -4 and -6
options into the plugins... I believe a search of the archives of this
list would show that this topic has been discussed and is highly
desired... I'm hoping to get this ability in prior to the current CVS
code being released... 

	Jeremy T. Bouse

On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 05:09:06PM +0200, Janos Mohacsi wrote:
> Dear All,
> 	We have been using Nagios for monitoring IPv6 network since
> beginning of February. Apart from check_fping that is rather easy, I
> created a new check_tcp6 and check_udp6, that is IPv6 only TCP and UDP
> check. I checked recently the CVS and found that there is some IPv6
> support in the netutils.c and therefore for every plugin.  I see one
> problem in the approach implemented in the CVS. If someone wants to run
> check_xyz with hostname and both A and AAAA record exist for that
> particular hostname you cannot enforce with protocol you want to use IPv4
> or IPv6.
> 	I don't like my approach either, since for each protocol you would
> have an ...6 version that is not very nice.
> 	What about implementing a general flag -4 for IPv4 and -6 for IPv6
> for each networking related plugin, to select the protocol to be used?
> 	When do you plan to release a new version of plugins with IPv6
> support?
> Kindest Regards,
> Janos Mohacsi
> Network Engineer, Research Associate
> Key 00F9AF98: 8645 1312 D249 471B DBAE  21A2 9F52 0D1F 00F9 AF98
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