[Nagiosplug-devel] Outstanding tasks with HEAD

Karl DeBisschop karl at debisschop.net
Mon Nov 10 21:33:11 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 07:01, Voon, Ton wrote:
> Hi!
> Just a quick list of outstanding bits that are in CVS HEAD that I can't fix.
> - check_disk returns autofs filesystems by default. It looks like
> me->me_dummy in lib/mountlist.h ignores autofs, but doesn't seem to work on
> AIX (I think fails on Solaris as well, but I cannot test this)
> - check_swap on IRIX 6.5 not working
> A few suggestions:
> - check_disk.c says "static int show_all_fs = 1". Should default be 0?
> - import coreutils 5.0 routines (mountlist.h, mountlist.c, etc)?
> - getaddrinfo emulation moved into lib/ ?
> When can we get 1.4 alpha out the door?

We're were supposed to implement performance data in all the plugins
where it make sense. I have been going through alphabetically, and have
mrtgtraf in prep. People could pitch in - if everyone took a couple of
plugins at the end of the alphabet, things would be quick. Using the
perfdata() function, it should be quick to create standard output.

We also were supposed to create a man page for the plugin listing what
plugins are in the core dist, and what they do. Also for doc, we said
we'd create man pages from the plugins themselves with help2man. That
will require a little makefile.am work.

If the stars all align, this could all be done by the end of the weekend
and an alpha packaged Monday. I will do my best, but Monday assumes
everything works out perfectly, which is not usually the case.


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