[Nagiosplug-devel] Tivoli Storage Manager ?

Brian Ipsen bipsen-sender-59c01b at andebakken.dk
Mon Oct 20 17:30:05 CEST 2003


 I'm running TSM on a Windows 2000 box - and unfortunately IBM has chosen
not to continue SNMP support unless I have a DPI 2.0 (?) compatible SNMP
agent installed, which can't be handled by the standard windows snmp agent.
 Having that in mind, it seems to be quite a struggle to have Nagios monitor
the TSM server and events from the connected clients. I consider writing a
plugin to extract information from the server, but since it cannot be
event-based, I need input on how to handle it, in case e.g. 3 errors have
been detected on the server or a specific client since the last "poll" (the
timestamp from last check needs to be saved by the application, since Nagios
won't pass that variable to service-checks)...

2nd: If anyone is using TSM, it would be nice with some input on what could
be usefull....

 Check for specific events on the server itself or sepcific nodes
 Check storage pool/database/recovery log utilization
 Check Server License Compliance
 Check number of active sessions (using specific communication protocol)
 Check for last access from a specific node / if node is locked

Those are just the simple ones, which I need for my purpose....

Any ideas/input ?



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