[Nagiosplug-devel] SNMP plugin

Patrick Proy nagios at proy.org
Sun Apr 25 15:29:04 CEST 2004

Hi everbody,

I wrote some plugins which can check by snmp disks, interface and process on
a remote host.
I tried to be platform independant (currently tested on Linux, Windows,
Cisco, AS400).

I wrote these new plugins to be able to use snmp v1 and v3 and to select
disks, interfaces and processes by perl regexp (for ex. '[CDE]:' to check
C,D and E disk on Windows, 'Fast.*0.1[1234]' to check FastEthernet0/11 to
0/14 on Cisco, etc...).

You can download them at http://www.manubulon.com/nagios/ 

Please send me your feedback, advices, PLATFORMS YOU TESTED at
nagios at proy.org .

Patrick Proy
nagios at proy.org

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