[Nagiosplug-devel] build error - SOLVED

Ton Voon tonvoon at mac.com
Wed Feb 9 12:08:21 CET 2005

On 9 Feb 2005, at 16:06, jeff vier wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 11:07 -0600, jeff vier wrote:
>> I am experiencing this exact same problem on Red Hat ES3.1.
>> I compiled and installed coreutils 5.2.1.
>> No change for me...
>> Any ideas?
> Sorry to reply to myself, but I 'fixed' it.
> I compiled a fresh coreutils (as mentioned before) with no improvement
> So, I just started updating all my dev tools to current.
> automake went to v1.9.4 (from v1.6.3)
> make went to 3.80 (from v3.79)
> Now it works smashingly (with only a few non-fatal complaints about
> underquoted definitions with the new strict automake syntax).
We know there is a dependency on automake 1.8 - I'll see if I can get 
it to error if at the wrong level. I think gnu make 3.79 is sufficient. 
Otherwise will need to update our developer notes: 

Glad you fixed it!


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