[Nagiosplug-devel] Nagios plugins CPAN-like archive (was: Obsoleted contrib and tarballs files)

sean finney seanius at seanius.net
Tue Jul 12 07:52:39 CEST 2005


(resending this one, the last one got caught by the mlm)

On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 07:26:17AM +0100, Ton Voon wrote:
> Hadn't thought of the namespace situation. CPAN does have control  
> over what namespace perl modules can take, at least at a top level.  
> Not sure how this would work for plugins, which is just a single file  
> name... Any ideas on controlling this? Or is it even a problem?

i think it directly depends on how this ties in with the project,
and how it's made available.  i don't think it's an insurmountable

> I like CPAN's rating system. It is not fully used, but it gives a  
> good general feedback on the quality of a perl module from the users.  
> I'll add to my wish list.
> As for quality, I was thinking that there are varying levels of  
> "certification" for a plugin (this is based on an email thread a long  
> time ago, which I can't recall which). I propose that the dev guide  
> should show level 1 as "returns 0 OK, 1 warn, 2 crit, with one line  
> output", --help/-h with output, --version/-v for version info. Level  
> 2 is perf data. Level 3 is stuff like -v -v -v for extra debug  
> options and internationalization. Level 4 is stuff to do with  
> integration into core (using common libraries, etc).

for functionality-purposes, this would be good.  however there's also
an orthogonal track of qa ratings for whether or not the code has been
audited by a nagiosplug team member, whether or not it's scheduled
for inclusion, etc.

> I'm trying to work out our requirements for the NP collection system.  
> Then I plan on having a discussion with Nagiosexchange, where I'll  
> find out if they can meet all the requirements we have, in return for  
> us officially promoting the use of their site. Seems like a win-win:  
> we'll get what we want, while they gain exposure.

i've spoken privately in the past with some of the people from
nagiosexchange and they seem fairly reasonable folks.   i'd be
interested to hear what they have to say about it.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 12:22:36PM +0100, Brodie, R (Richard) wrote:
> Another useful thing would be to track whether maintenance is ongoing,
> and who by. CPAN appears to be fairly strong on this. At the moment,
> contrib is a bit of a dumping ground; I think this idea has the
> potential to improve on that.

yeah.  i think in an ideal world, we could move all of the contrib
plugins to either the official plugins directory or into whatever
kind of collection system evolved, and then get rid of it entirely.  


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