[Nagiosplug-devel] Introduction, Linux World and OSCon

John Mark Walker jmwalker at itgroundwork.com
Wed Jul 20 11:00:11 CEST 2005


(Sorry for cross-posting, but I'm not sure who's on the nagios-devel and 
nagiosplug-devel lists)

My name is John Mark Walker, and I am the new developer relations person 
at GroundWork. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself, because 
I'm sure I'll be working with many of you from time to time.

For the last three years, I worked at No Starch Press, a computer book 
publisher in San Francisco, working with various developer communities 
to find new book authors. By the way, you may be interested to know that 
No Starch is working on a Nagios book these days, and I'm sure you'll 
hear more about that as it gets closer to release.

Before No Starch I worked at VA Research/Linux/Software first as a web 
developer and later as a community outreach member and finally as the 
SourceForge.net Foundry Manager. I got to work with a lot of great open 
source developers.

Now that I'm at GroundWork, my first order of business has been to 
reserve space for a Nagios birds-of-a-feather at Linux World. I was 
wondering if any of you will be attending and whether you would be 
interested in helping out with the BoF. There's also a possibility of 
hosting a BoF at O'Reilly OSCon in Portland the week before. Is anyone 
attending that conference as well?


John Mark Walker                    Direct: 510 899 7783
Marketing Programs Manager          Mobile: 408 621 7061
GroundWork Open Source Solutions    E-mail: jmwalker at itgroundwork.com
2200 Powell Street, Suite 350       http://www.itgroundwork.com/
Emeryville, CA 94608

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