[Nagiosplug-devel] Obsoleted contrib and tarballs files

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Fri Jun 10 03:20:38 CEST 2005

Just a heads up..

I've been doing a "shallow audit" of the contrib and tarballs stuff in 
the nagiosplug CVS.

In the tarballs directory, the following files are obsolete;
berger-ping.tar.gz, There's already 2 ping programs, do we need another?

check_memory.tar.gz (won't work on recent platforms, and can easily be 
replaced by forking check_swap() and using it for memory checks).

check_spread.tar, won't compile, poorly documented, no build instructions.

check_traffic-0.91b.tar.gz, I've improved greatly on this and intend to 
submit a patch to make it one of the standard plugins.

radius.tar.gz, the same files are distributed with the radiusclient 

In the contrib directory;
check_logins (obsoleted by the near-identical check_users)
check_procl, check_procr; the same functionality can be obtained by 
check_pop3.pl - check_tcp provides better functionality
check_nwstat.pl - check_nwstat provides better functionality
check_ftpget.pl - highly insecure (I can hack up a C version in about 10 
minutes if anyone's actually interested, without using local files).
check_dl_size.pl - see check_ftpget.pl. somewhat obsoleted by check_http.
check_rbl.c, rblcheck* - abusive and cause for black-listing (which is 
funny, since they check for blacklisted domains)
check_mem.pl - easily obsoleted by a fork of check_swap (or __progname 
check_timeout.c - should really be in nagios/testing of the nagios core 
distribution, or dropped completely.
check_mysql.c, check_mysql.pl, check_mysqlslave.pl - obsoleted by 
plugins/check_mysql.c (which is cleaner and has more features).

There are most certainly more, but I grew disgusted and gave up.

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