[Nagiosplug-devel] Kickoff for 1.5

Voon, Ton Ton.Voon at egg.com
Tue Mar 29 00:41:24 CEST 2005

Sorry guys, haven't been staying on top of these emails.

I think it is a great idea to separate the suid plugins, if only because
they have to be installed differently (as root, rather than as a nagios
or own user). I don't think their support *should* be any different -
after all that was part of the discussion we had prior to the 1.4
release and I think we took it on that this was now part of our core.
However, by having a separate directory, it is clear they are
"different". So I'd advocate keeping them in by default.

Stanley, do you want to move the suid stuff into a separate directory?
(suid/? plugins-suid/? plugins-root/?) Will need to make some changes to
the makefile.am at the top level.

As to the other things that were discussed for 1.5, will need to start
summarising and seeing who wants to pick up which tasks. I can track
allocation via email, unless SF has some better tools for doing it.


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Dear Folks,

The only comment I have about 1.5 is suggesting the separation of the
suid C plugins from the non-suid plugins.

I think this is necessary because apart from the weaknesses in the
implementations of the the suid plugins (check_dhcp, check_smart_*),
testing becomes much more difficult on non core platforms.

I do not have root access on

HPUX     - any version
Solaris  - "
OS-X     - "
AIX      - "

and I cannot imagine getting such access to any but a subset (at best
AIX and Solaris).

These plugins then are unlikely to have the same degree of testing that
the others have and therefore are unlikely to perform as well.

Putting them in their own optional build directory (say /suid) with a
README like that for /contrib may be beneficial in

1 stopping build failures caused by these plugins

2 lowering expectations about the performance of these plugins.

Yours sincerely.


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