Antwort: Re: [Nagiosplug-devel] check_dns: DNS WARNING - nslookup returned error status

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Fri Sep 2 08:03:46 CEST 2005

nagiosplug-devel-admin at schrieb am 02.09.2005 

> i'm not sure that annoyance == urgency.  we're currently (albeit
> slowly) in the process of making the popen/spopen calls obsolete
> by way of a much more safe/efficient/clean architecture, but this
> particular patch is small and straightforward enough that i'll go ahead
> and commit it to head and we can decide later whether it warrants a new
> 1.4 series release.

Does that mean I can relay my boss to you next time he comes to
me screaming like "WTF IS THIS SHIT?! I am getting like 10 mails
every 5 minutes on my Blackberry saying our DNS is WARNING!
Do we have a problem? If not, get me rid of those mails. NOW!"


I am monitoring our 10 DNS Servers and now you go figure how
much mail those produce... Since I was unable to stop them, I
had to disable mail on WARNING states for DNS - which is NOT
a good solution by itself.

Btw, those messages started popping up after upgrading to new
state-of-the-art hardware and RHES4.


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