[Nagiosplug-devel] Solaris problems

bobi at netshel.net bobi at netshel.net
Thu Dec 7 22:31:30 CET 2006

Hi Ton,

I'm the trouble-maker who wrote the pst3 program for Solaris.

The intent was to get around the 80 character limit on ps output imposed
by the built-in ps program and the Solaris library.  We have Java
processes that we have to monitor that are not differentiable within the
first 80 bytes of the command-line displayed by the stock Solaris ps

In answer to question #1: Try "man crle".  This is the Solaris equivalent
of Linux's "ldconfig".

It allows you to modify the system dynamic link library path, just like
ldconfig does under Linux.  Therefore, no need to mess around with
environment vars, hoping they'll exist when you need them.

Of course, the downside is you have to be root (I think,) to  run crle.

So that's a possibility for #1.

As for problem #2.  Ouch.  I have have Solaris 8 and 9 running in our
organization, I guess I really should revisit pst3.c and make sure it runs
under both 32-bit and 64-bit mode under Solaris 9.  I wrote it when we
only had access to Solaris 8 but I did test it under both 32 and 64 bit
builds (or so I thought.)

Would you like me to try testing it against Solaris 9?  (That's the latest
we are running.)

Hope this helps.


> Hi!
> I've been working on some Solaris problems for the plugins and I'm
> stuck on two now. Any help anyone?
> 1. Linking to ssl libraries.
> On Solaris, the predominate openssl installation is via the
> SunFreeware version which is installed in /usr/local/ssl. When
> compiling applications against this library, it is not sufficient to
> set LDFLAG =-L/usr/local/ssl/lib, you have to also set -R/usr/local/
> ssl/lib in order for the SSL plugins (check_http, check_smtp) to find
> the openssl directories. I had made a patch for this in configure.in,
> but Sean removed it, probably rightly (revision 1.191 at http://
> nagiosplug.cvs.sourceforge.net/nagiosplug/nagiosplug/configure.in?
> view=log).
> However, this means that the plugins will not necessarily run after
> being compiled. My current workaround is to set LD_RUN_PATH=/usr/
> local/ssl/lib before compiling. Is there a better way?
> To be fair, I've downloaded top, curl and wget and they all have the
> same issue. The solution could just be a README.solaris.
> 2. pst3 not working on 64 bit systems
> I have to admit ignorance here. On my Solaris 9 server, the plugins
> compile in 32 bit mode. However, pst3 also compiles in 32 bit and
> then there are errors because the /dev/ksyms holds 64 bit
> information. What can be done? Should configure work out if the
> system is 64 bit and compile just pst3 in 64 bit? Or should configure
> fallback onto using ps?
> At the moment, check_procs doesn't work from a straight compile on my
> Sol9 server.
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