[Nagiosplug-devel] replacing common system calls with macros/inlines?

Ton Voon ton.voon at altinity.com
Wed Mar 22 07:34:01 CET 2006

On 22 Mar 2006, at 15:02, sean finney wrote:
>> I have a long term plan that "general" functions would move to an
>> installed dynamic library which the core C plugins would use. Then
>> also have something like apxs for Apache where a 3rd party could
>> create a C program which could then compile and link to this library.
> i agree that this is a good idea... in fact istr bringing up the
> issue some time back (back when we first started merging code
> into the other np_foo functions).  i'd advise that before we do
> this we fully think things out wrt the api's design, but
> otherwise i'm all for it.

OK - we have a roadmap! I want to get 1.4.3 out the door, so I'm  
concentrating on that at the moment. We'll have this discussion in a  
few weeks time.


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