[Nagiosplug-devel] Flight 1.4.8, ready for boarding

Benoit Mortier benoit.mortier at opensides.be
Tue Apr 3 21:30:10 CEST 2007

Le Lundi 2 Avril 2007 16:30, Anthony Montibello a écrit :
> Thanks for the responce,
> I am not trying to push the issue, but I wanted to make sure I explained
> my addition request.
> I agree with the Client/server versions being kept together, and that is
> how I have been distributing the source.
> I am not very familiar with How or Where to publish a RFC, but I would be
> happy to contribute to one. Is there anyone who can asssist in getting
> this started?
> I suggested including the newest version of check_nc_net (that I finished
> this week) because of particular reasons:
>    - It is fully compatible with the older check_nt, (I made only bug
>    fixes to these checks that the original check_nt preforms) So for the
>    commands offered in check_nt it will work with any server:
>    NC_NEt,NS_Client,NS_Client++.


if it works with all the clients and can replace the actual check_nt it's ok 
for me. And of course we could make sure that an rfc for the communication 
should be published along the plugin.

my 2 cents

Benoit Mortier
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