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Hendrik Bäcker andurin at process-zero.de
Tue Jul 10 19:28:57 CEST 2007

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Hi Baharani,

this is quiet not a developing issue, I think next time the
nagiosplug-users list is better for something like this.

You can use NRPE (www.nagios.org) or check_by_ssh for this things.

In both ways you start a "local" plugin to connect to a server (nrpe
daemon or a usual ssh daemon) to ask them to execute a local plugin and
return the states back to your nagios host.

For further information try to google for NRPE or check_by_ssh and read
the docs.


P.Bharanitharan schrieb:
> Dear Support,
> We have installed nagios and running. I have checked the plugin 
> "check_mailq" .
> Its checking only localhost. There is no option to check the remote mail 
> server's mailq.
> We want to check the remote mail server's mailq.
> Kindly give advice for this option.
> Regards,
> Bharani.
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