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Category: Argument proccessing
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>Status: Closed
Resolution: Works For Me
Priority: 5
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Submitted By: FliTTi (flitti)
Assigned to: Matthias Eble (psychotrahe)
Summary: check_nt: Wrong Unit in perfdata

Initial Comment:
These Plugin puts everytime I call it, an % into the perfdata. The % is the Perfunit like this:
Perfdata= 65.000000%;0.000000;0.000000;0

Is there an patch available or must I execute the check_nt plugin in an other way? 


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Date: 2007-07-25 19:20

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Comment By: Matthias Eble (psychotrahe)
Date: 2007-07-11 14:09

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Hi Flitti,

is this still an issue?
I have tested several calls and could not reproduce your problem.
I cannot judge if you need to call the plugin otherwise Without knowing
your command.

./check_nt -v CPULOAD -H -l 10,90,95,10,90,95 -p 12489
CPU Load 0% (10 min average) 0% (10 min average) |   '10 min avg
Load'=0%;90;95;0;100 '10 min avg Load'=0%;90;95;0;100
-> looks fine

./check_nt -v MEMUSE -H -l C -p 12489
Memory usage: total:1250,25 Mb - used: 331,50 Mb (27%) - free: 918,75 Mb
(73%) | 'Memory usage'=331,50Mb;0,00;0,00;0.00;1250,25
-> looks fine

./check_nt -v USEDDISKSPACE -H -l C -p 12489
C:\ - total: 156,25 Gb - used: 89,10 Gb (57%) - free 67,15 Gb (43%) | 'C:\
Used Space'=89,10Gb;0,00;0,00;0.00;156,25
-> looks fine

the source doesn't look like if there is such a problem and the source has
not changed significantly for long.

I'm setting this issue to pending. It'll get deleted automatically if you
won't post a comment in the next 14 days.

Best regards


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