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> >    Don't do the same mistake and enforce your ideas on users.
> >    If someone wants to run as root - whatever her reason may be - then
> >    let her do so. If it was done by mistake - she learned something 
> >    it now (hopefully).
> >    The way to go is the un-intrusive way of privilege dropping.
> >    If a program does not need root privileges, it should drop them and
> >    in my opinion that's the responsibility of the author.
> I'd rather go the "munin" way:
> # /usr/bin/munin-cron
> You are running this program as root, which is neither smart nor 
> If you really want to run it as root, use the --force-root option. Else, 
> it as the user "munin". Aborting.
> Clear, self-explanatory, concise, but still flexible.

I do not agree on that. It will break quite a few setups.
That would require defining different checks for different machines,
if you have some where you connect as root and some where you connect
as nagios or even different user. That quite normal if you monitor
machines of other companies...


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